The 94 Club: Rewarding You for Being a Player

The 94 Club: Rewarding You for Being a Player

enrollment has its honors. Assuming you’re   Bet3d    an individual from the 94 Club (est. 2013), that implies you’re one of the Most Valuable Players at Bodog Casino. You’ll seek the best VIP treatment: more advancements and giveaways, less expenses charged to your record, and quicker and greater rewards, in addition to a selective degree of client assistance. Not every person gets welcome to the 94 Club, however when you’re in, this large number of remunerations are yours for the taking.

There is anything but a particular benchmark you need to clear to procure your direction into the 94 Club, yet the more you play at Bodog Casino, the sooner you’ll be welcomed. Each player at Bodog gets Casino Points in view of the amount they bet; these Points can be changed over into cash consistently. Acquire an adequate number of Points, and the 94 Club will make its ways for you, giving you admittance to much more rewards.

The Spirit of 94

So what are these prizes? We’re not talking twirly gigs here – attempt passes to the Super Bowl and other major live occasions, where you can meet and welcome your kindred VIPs. That is on top of the relative multitude of different advantages you get simply by being an individual from the 94 Club. Whenever you’re welcomed, you’ll procure Casino Points two times as fast. Make it into the Elite level of the 94 Club, and you’ll get three fold the number of Points for playing similar games.

Each of the 94 Club individuals additionally have their store and withdrawal charges deferred. What’s more, they get week after week 100 percent reload rewards, up to $1,000 each week for Elite individuals. As though that weren’t sufficient, customized client support looks for you once you join the 94 Club. Bodog as of now values giving flawless client care every minute of every day, every last bit of it dealt with in-house by masterfully prepared help staff. Envision taking that to a much more elevated level.

You can figure out more by choosing the 94 Club interface from the menu on the left half of the Bodog Casino landing page, and by counseling the Casino Rewards page. Agreements are accessible to peruse at your relaxation; pause for a minute to go over them, and go ahead and get in touch with us whenever on the off chance that you have some other inquiries concerning the 94 Club. We desire to see you inside very soon.

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