Four Recommended Poker Tournaments To Play In

Four Recommended Poker Tournaments To Play In

You can’t have an excessive number   3FXBET     of poker competitions. However, with every one of the decisions accessible at Bodog Poker, sorting out which competitions to play can be a piece interesting – even after you’ve reduced your decisions to accommodate your bankroll and whichever games (Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or Omaha Hi/Lo) you’re best at. Here, for your attentiveness, are four enthusiastically suggested poker competitions you can play at Bodog.
Lower Buy-Ins

1-$8,000 Guaranteed (10K Chips, 10-Minute Levels)

This no-restriction Hold’em competition runs consistently at 8:45 PM ET, with an up front investment of just $11. You get 10,000 chips to begin with, so you ought to have a lot of space to make every one of those large preflop moves before you get into push an area.

2-$4,000 Guaranteed (10K Chips, 10-Minute Levels)

The construction is something very similar, however Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo is the game. For an up front investment of $33, you get to play with four cards rather than two, consistently at 9:05 PM ET. The fields are more modest for these PLO competitions, so exploring your direction to the top ought to be simpler. You can likewise satellite your direction into this occasion by playing the $4K Qualifier super at 7:10 PM for only $5.50, with 10 ensured seats available for anyone.
Higher Buy-Ins

3-$25,000 Guaranteed (SS)

Climbing to the $55 purchase in level, we have a Super Stack NLHE competition, meaning you start with 5,000 chips. The blinds go up at regular intervals rather than 10, so indeed, there will be space for 3-wagering and 4-wagering preflop in the beginning phases. You can play this competition consistently (with the exception of Sundays) at 8 PM ET, and for an up front investment of $7.70, you can win one of 25 ensured seats through the $25K Qualifier super at 6:10 PM.

4-$100,000 Guaranteed

This is the Sunday significant everybody’s discussing. Six figures in ensured prize cash is on the line consistently at 4 PM ET; it’s NLHE, the Cadillac of Poker, with a $162 purchase in, 10,000 chips in your beginning stack and 12-minute levels. Assuming that is too huge for your bankroll, enter one of our everyday $100K Cheap Seats qualifiers and satellite your direction in for just $1. These qualifiers are fun, they’re quick, and they can convey a strong return assuming you make the right changes at the table. Look at the competition plan at Bodog Poker for more, yet for the full rundown of competitions in the poker entryway, try to download our poker programming. Good luck at the tables.

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